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Being   an   electronic  music   producer ,  a  DJ  or  a  band without  marketing   skills   is   like  running   a   club   without  a   sound  system: No  one  will  hear  you.
We Spin is a NB video training program and community that will get your music heard. It's the first business educational platform designed with electronic musicians in mind, and it's more than a "sell it and forget it" course you will find elsewhere. You get access not only to the added weekly new lessons, but also a 24/7 support and answers to all your questions. No more endless googling and crappy advices.
Step-by-Step Guide To Approaching Labels And Getting Signed.
DIY Does Not Mean Do It Alone: Building A Loyal Team Spending $0.
How To Create A Professional EPK, Bio And Visual Image.
Earning Your First 1,000 Fans On Facebook, Soundcloud And Twitter.
Professional Website In 7 Days (And For Pennies).
You Are Owed Money: Basics Of Publishing Copyright.
Managing Your Social Networks in 30 Minutes A Day.
Get Press: How To Appear On Prominent Blogs In Your Niche.
We'll have much more. Join We Spin to get access to the pool of instructional videos. We keep the content up to date and add new courses monthly.
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"Over the course of three months I had my eyes opened to how to best market myself effectively, all without leaving the comfort of my own home!" - Merse "I had been getting totally lost in trying to figure out where I should invest my time to promote my music, but only until I started to work with Andrew." - Amir Afargan
"I have learned SO MUCH already from being a member of We Spin. You’d think I should know more considering I’ve been releasing music commercially for 15 years now, right? But I think many people (myself included) making a career for themselves in music are so focused on the music itself, that they haven’t developed a clear picture of all the other things you can/should do. There is yet a lot more to be applied, but in just a few months my whole mentality towards marketing and career development has opened up a lot." - Resound (Ilpo Kärkkäinen)

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