Music Marketing Training and Community
For Producers, DJs, and Bands

It Takes More Than Talent To Succeed.

Your music has to be great, but sitting and waiting till someone discovers your brilliance is not a viable plan. Your art won’t sell itself, period. You need to put hard work into your music career, and you need a community of professionals and like-minded musicians to inspire and keep you on track.

We know that it takes time to build a brand and that it takes a lot of work and persistence. The music industry is constantly changing, which is why learning how to market yourself is not a one-class lesson—often costing thousands of dollars at online colleges—which will quickly become obsolete.

It’s an ongoing process, which is why we built WeSpin, an interactive platform where we add new lessons every week on getting gigs and earning money, making fans and mastering social media, and providing you with a platform to get support, advice, and inspiration.

We know that you can gain a great deal from WeSpin which is why it is completely free for two weeks, after which it’s only $25/mo. No long term commitment. Cancel anytime.

We want to get to know you first, however, and see if it’s a right fit for both you and us. Fill out a short questionnaire by clicking the button below and we will get back to you with more details and freebies.