WSR85: The Recipe For Building A YouTube Powerhouse – Peter Hollens

In this WeSpin Recipes episode, Peter Hollens, an a cappella singer and producer who’s built a massive loyal following on YouTube and Patreon, shares what it took to get where he is today, tips on collaboration and community building, reverse-engineering the success of others, and what apps he uses for promotion daily.

WSR84: The Art Of Crowdfunding – Jay Coyle

Jay Coyle is the founder of Music Geek Services, and the author of a new SoundFly course on crowdfunding. In this episode, Jay explains how artists should treat crowdfunding as an opportunity to build a business, not as a bank, and why a good crowdfunding campaign is essentially a direct-to-fan campaign.

WSR81: Dave Kusek’s Ticket To Music Success

Dave Kusek is the latest WeSpin Recipes guest, and he’s here to share his passion for coaching indie musicians. The founder and former CEO of Berklee Online, today Dave is focused on helping artists develop successful careers through his New Artist Model online music business school. On the show, we talk about the program, how crazy and fascinating it is to be an artist these days, the need to understand what you’re good at, and much more.

WSR76: Marketing Lessons From The NYC Subway – Josh Urban

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Josh Urban, a musician and entertainer, talks about his railroad tour, street music marketing, social experiments, cigar box guitars, Facebook Live events, playing at psychiatric wards, music income streams, and finding ways to engage people with different personalities.