WSR74: Fan Data And Growth Tools In One Platform – Theo Koolen (

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Hive’s Theo Koolen gave us an overview of the new toolkit. Listen to our conversation for content marketing tips, to learn how to turn a free show into thousands of fans’ emails, and for a secret link to an extended free trial to Hive!

WSR72: Stream It Till You Own It With Resonate – Peter Harris

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Peter Harris, founder of streaming platform Resonate, explained how the “stream to own” model works and gave an overview of the blockchain technology and the challenges faced by the blockchain research team during the recent Music Tech Fest Berlin.

WSR71: The Music Business Is All About Who You Know – Dearbhla Trainor

In this episode, Dearbhla Trainor, the host of The One Sheet music industry podcast, gives specific tips on networking and reaching out to labels and press, and shares other insights from her own experience in the business, and from what she’s learned from her podcast guests.

WSR70: Radio Promotion 101 – D Grant Smith

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, D Grant Smith, a “Growth Farmer” and the Syndicated Host of The Appetizer Radio Show, explains why there is no such thing as an “overnight success,” and hear one of his most important rules of radio promotion.

WSR68: A New Tool To Simplify Your Demo Submissions – Paul Loeb (DropTrack)

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Paul Loeb, founder and developer of DropTrack – a web service currently being used by over 6,000 artists and labels, including the likes of Tiësto and George Acosta – gives tips on building your email list, networking, and growing a business as a one-man show.

WSR67: Getting Ready For Music Tech Fest Berlin – Andrew Dubber

Music Tech Fest is “the festival of music ideas.” The 10th edition of Music Tech Fest takes place from May 27 to May 30 at Funkhaus Berlin, the world’s biggest recording studio. This WeSpin Recipes episode is an interview with Andrew Dubber, the director of the festival, and here we talk about all things #MTFBerlin.

WSR66: Simplifying Remarketing With – Jason Hobbs founder Jason Hobbs describes how and why to use remarketing, shows how he helped Marilyn Manson increase sales of his new album using, and explains what types of ads artists should be creating before and after a record release.