Soundcharts is a real-time charts, playlists, airplay, and social monitoring web app. And, as you will learn from this WeSpin Recipes podcast, there is much more to it than analyzing performance of your own music projects. Think of Soundcharts as a stock market (or a growth hacking!) tool, which allows you to see how well relevant or interesting to you artists perform in different territories.

David Weiszfeld, the founder of Soundcharts, used to lead the International Development for Universal Music France, so the idea of building such a tool came from hands-on music marketing experience and understanding the importance of data analytics. Soundcharts is already used by the three major labels, but is available to everyone, even though at a price (check the Pricing tab on the Soundcharts website for the current subscription fees).

Listen to the podcast to hear David’s thoughts on running an international tech company from France and the enormous challenges startups face, and find out a few very specific use cases for Soundcharts – applicable to a music act or a company of any size.

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Show Notes:
  • Soundcharts website
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