Over the last few years Sam Matla’s EDMprod blog and podcast have become wildly popular among electronic musicians, and you most probably know why if you’re a producer yourself. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name though, we bet you will get a kick out of today’s WeSpin Recipes episode with Sam.

On this show, “The Producer’s Guide To Workflow & Creativity” author shares his online blogging journey from skateboarding and self-development to music, gives actionable tips on improving your music production skills (also fully applicable to songwriters), names two most common mistakes up-and-coming producers make, and talks about EDM Foundations – a four-week online course which teaches the fundamentals of electronic music production through action and practice. You can join the waiting list to be notified on the next enrolment at the link below.

Listen to the podcast to also find out what Sam’s top productivity and collaboration tips are, and to learn a single hack that is guaranteed to make you a better producer.

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