Tommy Darker, the guest of the very first WeSpin Recipes episode, is back to our podcast! Over the past year, Tommy has been busy working on a new creative project called Kenophania. His goal is to get in front of no less than one million people, and Tommy will tell you how he’s going to achieve that.

Kenophania is described as “a docu-style arced reality series about an ex-military, now savvy musician, who embarks on a journey to create a new musical style and make it commercial success.” What makes it particularly interesting: Tommy had never played music with others before.

Throughout 2016 Tommy has toured the whole Greece and collaborated with hundreds of musicians, while documenting the whole process. In this podcast you are going to learn how Yossi Sassi from Orphaned Land inspired Tommy to start Kenophania, what it costs to record such a documentary (with a detailed breakdown of expenses), and why your creative process has little to do with the final product.

Listen to this WeSpin Recipes episodes in full to be among the first to hear about the new music business platform Tommy is launching soon (which is like Quora for the music industry), and to find out how to watch the pilot episode of Kenophania.

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Show Notes:
  • WSR01: 6 Reasons Musicians Feel Disappointed About Their Career with Tommy Darker
  • “How I Got My New Music In Front Of 1 Million People”
  • “Kenophania website”
  • “Tommy Darker on Patreon”