'My mentality towards career development has opened up'

I’ve been a member of WeSpin for a few months, and that’s why I can recommend the platform with such great confidence. I have learned SO MUCH already from being a member of WeSpin.

I almost feel a bit embarrassed, I mean you’d think I should know more considering I’ve been releasing music commercially for 15 years now, right? But I think many people (myself included) making a career for themselves in music are so focused on the music itself, that they haven’t developed a clear picture of all the other things you can/should do.

I will even argue that many of us don’t even properly understand what marketing in music context entails, and how big a difference these things actually make for our success.

So WeSpin has been great for me as not only brings me good focused information, ready and served, all in one place. More importantly it has opened my eyes for the bigger picture and allowed me to start developing this new kind of understanding of modern music business and marketing.

The reality is, both music business and the technology have changed rapidly in the past years. We now have loads of new tools and opportunities on our hands.

And WeSpin is very current – it is at the center of all these developments, informing us of the skills, tools and strategies that are working right now (and in the future).

Within these few months I have seen WeSpin constantly developed. It’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of static old world online school. Members are encouraged to take part and new content and ideas are being implemented consistently.

Since joining as a member, I have been getting a lot of ideas and learning about many new tools and services I can use to make things easier for me. I have started applying many of these things in my daily work and seen results already.

There is yet a lot more to be applied, but in just a few months my whole mentality towards marketing and career development has opened up a lot. I think it’s actually pretty interesting now, I’m curious about the new developments and I recognize much more the importance and role of smart marketing.

Don’t get me wrong: Good music is a must. But what defines your success is what you do with it.

Musician, DJ, Music Production Coach

'One of the best features of WeSpin is the confidence it gave me'

My attitude to marketing my music used to be: If I make music that is of a high enough quality then by some form of magical osmosis or favomancy (that is "throwing beans on the ground and interpreting the patterns into which the beans fall!!") the "right" people would hear my music, offer me a golden contract and I could then "retire" to a beach hut and write music from there!

Yes, it was a crazy notion! Fast forward a few years and I have a corrupted, unrecoverable hard drive of music that only myself and three other people have ever heard. I realised that I was at the "do or die" crossroads. I invested in a cheap laptop and a DAW and got to work.

At the same time the "lights went on" regarding marketing. I needed to tell people that my music exists. I joined WeSpin and it really helped. Somewhere within me there is a root of resistance to social media, direct to fan and marketing that has not been fully dug up. WeSpin provides the shovel. With the clear (and frequently updated) lessons I was able to gradually implement what I had learnt and began uploading my music to SoundCloud, and using my FaceBook fan page. Admittedly, I have a long way to go with my marketing efforts, but every time I increase my efforts in the marketing arena there is information at WeSpin that is both relevant and directly applicable. The lessons give enough step by step information for a marketing beginner like me to easily implement. They also cover the core principles which, I think, if known, make a good foundation for creative marketing... which is just storytelling under a different name!

In my own experience I think one of the best "hidden" features of WeSpin is the confidence it gave me. There are people on the forums whose experience is worth reading and with whom it is possible to communicate. Being part of a community of music makers is another pillar of confidence. Maybe that sounds cheesy but it is true. Before I joined I did not have the confidence to share my music online! Now I do it as a matter of course: Finished a track? Share it! Need collaborators? Share it!

And the positive outcome of that increased confidence:

  • I had my first track signed to a TV / Film music library – the "old me" would not even have bothered submitting it due to fear of rejection,
  • I found a publisher for my Film / TV music, who had heard my music on SoundCloud (Full disclosure: We frequent the same café, so don't forget to have relationships online and real world. LOL)
  • And, best of all, through meeting the publisher, I have a co-writing partner, who is a mix engineer for some pretty successful people and a sensitive musician as well. Yeah, it's a bromance! I get to bash the piano and sing while he handles the laptop etc etc.

If you are hesitating to join WeSpin, I say "Give it a try!" You may just discover that fear of marketing, social media and promotion is a "paper tiger." Roar!!!

Jonathan Fischer,

'Feels more like a music project/community launching platform'

WeSpin is not just a subscription-based promotional toolkit. It’s really its own private social network of like-minded musicians who all share a team collaboration mindset. I’ve only been a “Wespinner” for just over 6 months, but in that short time, I’ve met many fellow artists, taken advantage of lots of the partner website/service discounts I received through my membership, and had some of my music used in various WeSpin and Dotted Music projects. I even had an EP of my music released by WeSpin Records!

I am definitely glad I chose to investigate the initial invite email from Victor, who introduced me to Andrew. I have since been in frequent personal contact with Andrew, who is always willing to lend you some time from his busy schedule to answer questions and/or collaborate on the next project. WeSpin feels more like a music project/community launching platform than a subscription/e-learning service. I suggest you hop on board.

Brian For President,

'WeSpin has everything an educational platform should have'

Willing to learn? Let me open the door for you... I am a member of WeSpin since around a year by now (12/2014). It has given me incredible amount of knowledge. I learned countless of things that were like wizardry to me before. And the deeper you get into it... the more you know – you just need to be eager to learn.

WeSpin has everything what a marketing educational platform should have. People who know what to do and who were handling marketing for years now, willing to help with any questions that may arise. A lot of videos which explain how to build your presence online (and not only that!). Members, who are always up to help you by sharing their experience. Opportunities – special deals on various, very useful, magic making services. I have a feeling that anyone who does not use it, misses out so much. Potential that marketing has for your music career is huge, no matter in which genre of electronic music you move.

Last but not least, I helped in organizing one of the WeSpin Cities workshops. If you live in a place where you know that a lot of artists need help in marketing – you should definitely do the same! Andrew is always open for suggestions and if you are willing to organize one of those events in your city – do it! I can assure you that you will get to know many artists, that you did not know before. And as everyone knows these days, connections are the key!

I recommend WeSpin to anyone who wants to know more about marketing, and more about themselves as the artists. It really helps in developing your career.

Musician, DJ

'Great value, fair pricing, solid community'

If you want to succeed in today's industry, it's actually quite simple: Get people to listen to your music. Except your D.A.W won't pitch to tastemakers, your MIDI keyboard won't create content for your social media posts, your microphone won't get you listens and reposts on Soundcloud. My point is that you can write the best music in the world, but you won't get anywhere if you don't know how to market yourself to others, it's like having a great personality but not knowing how to dress.

Artists nowadays have to be self-sufficient until they reach a point where they can build a team around them for those technicalities. Before joining WeSpin, I was looking into starting a new alias but didn't know how to do so effectively, I needed the knowledge to kick start this project with the right foot forward. After going through the Fan Engagement Faculty course and watching the course videos, I feel like now I have a strong grasp on how to create momentum between releases, how to present myself online in a way that looks professional and how to engage fans and keep those fans for the long run. The partner service discounts alone are worth the subscription fee, and when you put into account the course videos, forum and Dotted Music, $15/month is nothing for those starting their journey. Great value, fair pricing, solid community. If I can dig it, so can you.

Erick Mynssen,

'For artists who have dreams of being professional artists'

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty rounded individual with regard to being an artist / label owner / DJ. In my eyes they (in the order I did them) complimented each other. And as I’m already a qualified software engineer the IT side of things was easy enough also… I thought I had all bases covered. My problems are in the fact I was having to do everything (web design, artwork, produce, dj) while still being able to have enough hours each day for my family.. Under my way of working this was not possible.

I remember looking through my play stats on Soundcloud where I noticed WeSpin had listened to something… I clicked on them where I was taken to their Soundcloud profile, on which I clicked on the wespin.co link. I filled in the questionnaire and that was it.. couple of days later Jonathan Fisher contacted me. After a little persuasion I signed up. All I can say is that even though you believe you have all bases covered like myself.. you don’t know everything.. and even if you think you do the video classes Wespin offer cover a mass of different subjects.. and if there is no class covering what you need… ask for it.. and it will be covered.

All in all since I’ve been a “Wespinner” I’m slowly changing my way of working.. with luck I’ll automate a lot of what I currently do manually. In my eyes WeSpin is a must for all artists who have dreams of being professional artists.

Rik Tights (RT),
Producer, DJ, Label Owner

'Understanding where to invest time to promote my music'

There are so many resources and tools available nowadays that I had been getting totally lost in trying to understand where I should invest my time to promote my music, until I started to work with Andrew.

He knows how to build a strategy, what tools to use, and how to get things done. As an artist, I just want to make my music, and Andrew is the way to do just that and not be distracted.

Amir Afargan,

'It's no good having awesome music if nobody knows about it!'

For the past 10 years I have been half heartedly learning music production and DJing in my spare time.

Music has always been an important part of my life and I kept saying that I really need to develop my passion further than creating the odd mix / track here and there.

Just before Christmas 2012 I came across dottedmusic.com and a new programme they were about to run called WeSpin, described as an education in branding, enhancing web presence and online marketing (amongst other features!). I wasn't really sure what to expect but made a commitment to putting in some dedicated time every day to follow the tasks being set.

Over the course of three months I had my eyes opened to how to best leverage various tools, websites and social networks to market myself effectively, all without leaving the comfort of my own home! At first I thought it was too early a stage for me to worry about all this but soon realised that doing that at the start was essential!

I set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account and put together a website as a single focal point for everything about me and my music. I created an online and downloadable press kit, put together a biography and polished up some of my original music for free giveaway. I was shown how to really make the most of these tools at my disposal, most of which were completely free!

The programme was run by Andrew Apanov who can only be described as a guru and authority in what works and just as importantly, what doesn't! His wealth of experience meant I didn't have to experiment for years working out what I needed to do and tapping into his incredible knowledge was just invaluable.

Now that I have this solid foundation I can focus on building a real fan base and concentrate on my actual music. It's no good having awesome music if nobody knows about it! I now have 3 tracks of mine being released this year and with Andrew's guidance I had everything in place to respond quickly with my press kit, social links and contact information and everything the labels needed.

I now produce my DJ mixes 'Immersed Radio' monthly and working with Andrew has both inspired and motivated me to succeed.

So if you are stuck with your great music but no idea on how to stand above the noise, get in touch with the WeSpin team today!

Musician, DJ

'WeSpin has made me more confident as a music producer'

WeSpin has helped me to develop a better understanding of what it takes to be seen and heard and the important role of marketing your project. The WeSpin founders are continuously working on finding the latest marketing tools, giving tips and strategies and they help you put them into practice in your own musical project.

WeSpin has made me more confident as a music producer and has helped me getting the right mindset. Getting a better understanding of how you define success makes it easier to set goals and achieve them.

Jimmy Koskinen,
Musician, DJ

'An extension to my sometimes-so-occupied brain'

Andrew's got a vision every time! He's the type that knows music industry and media inside out – and you can always count on him to pull nice tricks out of his bag.

Andy always thinks outside the box, reaching for some cool stuff you didn't think of.

Definitely a grrreat extension to my sometimes-so-occupied brain!

Musician, Label Owner, Ableton Live Instructor

'Feels wonderful to communicate to open-minded musicians'

There is a flourishing contact between me, and the WeSpin community: it feels wonderful to communicate to musicians who are as passionate about music as much as I do. But I can't leave the staff out – they are up-to-date and professionals.

Besides providing useful materials to achieve my goals, they are always open-minded for my ideas!

Julius Fabes,
Musician, DJ, Label Owner

'I now feel more confident about how to pitch my music'

The WeSpin program is a whirlwind of incredibly useful information, tips and strategies for how to market yourself as an up and coming electronic artist / DJ. When I signed up, I thought I already had a good idea what to do, but that it would be good to get some overall structure and guidance. I discovered a lot of new tools and ideas that I wasn't aware of and a number of points I was getting it all wrong! There's a lot to take in, and the work is only just beginning, but having been through the program, I now feel more confident about how to pitch my music and where it can take me. Andrew is a font of knowledge and takes the time to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction, he's been a pleasure to work with.

Sixth Selth,
Musician, DJ

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